About Us :

We, EKSAQ (Education, Knowledge, Skills, Aptitude, Attitude, and Abilities for Qualification), are a K-12 education start-up. We are resolved and committed to solving five critical trade-offs that the education system faces today.

The first is the trade-off between the reach and the richness of education. The second is the trade-off between academic performance and learning outcomes. Third is the trade-off between standardization and customization of the learning inputs to the students. Fourth is the trade-off between the global and the local curricula and the fifth is the trade-off between the economic and social contexts of different nations.

EKSAQ builds and supports scholastic, co-scholastic, and skill development programs for the four life-cycle stages in K-12 education: Foundational Stage, Preparatory Stage, Middle Stage, and Secondary Stage. EKSAQ provides diversification of educational opportunities to develop generic and employability skills. It amalgamates knowledge with appropriate skills through in-depth subject training and imparts practical hands-on experience that prepares students for higher education and a world of academia, innovation, industry, and enterprise.

Our focus is on delivering transformative results through a suite of products that includes curricula, courses, modules, and micro-learning nuggets in STEM; Arts; Commerce; Multi-disciplinary and Culturally-sensitive domains; student-progress assessments and accreditation; teacher-capability development; development and execution-support of school scale-up strategy; and finally, management and governance aids designed for regulators and administrators in the education sector.

With a team of experienced educators and experts, hand-picked from different walks of life, we have developed a comprehensive range of offerings that are designed to deliver differentiated and locally-relevant content to students across India and this is potentially upscalable to a global level. All of our products are tailored to address the specific needs of every one of our students and are aligned with the goals of NIPUN Bharat (National Initiative for Proficiency in Reading with Understanding and Numeracy) and NEP 2020 (National Education Policy 2020).

We are committed to providing students, schools, teachers, parents, and other constituents of the ecosystem, an immersive experience, engaging, and empowering which enables them to achieve their full potential and thrive in an ever-changing world. We aim to build self-serve and assisted models of learning and management for students, schools, parents, boards, and governments, with the help of an AI-enabled community platform.