i3dp is an EKSAQ initiative for in-service and pre-service teachers. It is an excellent platform to up-skill, re-tool and hone the skills of teaching professionals. The program is offered in physical, digital and hybrid modes. The candidates are equipped with a plethora of skills for effective instruction delivery.

Objectives and Functionality of i3dp

  • Every learning sequence is designed towards self-directed learning with supporting short videos and interactive digital learning content.
  • Adapts various approaches like teaching through graphic organizers, mind maps, deploys design thinking, incorporating media design and art etc.
  • Customization of content based on the leaner needs.

Capacity Building Program Objective of i3dp

  • Up-skilling provides additional inputs for improving job performance for existing position.
  • Re-tooling helps educate, empower and lead teachers into new job roles and responsibilities to improve and support student learning outcomes.
  • Provide anywhere, anytime and anyone access to training service.
  • Integrates online and offline learning.
  • Focus on instructional design and strategies for digital platforms.
  • Develop basic stage wise content for delivering knowledge, skills, application, techniques required for e learning, e-teaching and e-assessment.

Benefits of i3dp

  • i3dp will open new employment pathways for youth and teaching professionals.
  • They can go virtual and global, with new skill sets and competencies.
  • Content development, curation and delivery could be a new job role for 21st Century
  • Extreme customization, gamification and delivery of courses brings more jobs to all other sectors.
  • Anyone, anytime and anyplace could open new earning and learning opportunities.


Pre-service teachers: 1 year

In-service teachers: 6 months, aligned to a school term for field practice