Chief Executive Officer
  • As a CEO of EKSAQ, Samir’s mission is to convert the research house into a global, scalable, profitable and IP driven entity, operating in both philanthropic and for-profit spaces by building a 360-degree view of the learning products, differentiated pedagogy using latest technologies.
  • Samir believes in continuous reinvention and the value of building institutions of enduring value, for the benefit of the society. His skills in building stakeholder consensus, innovation and intellectual property development, systems psychology, networking and entrepreneurship, and building AI enabled technology platforms of scalable solutions, and aligning secondary education will sector skills and its impact on GDP, will help the company transform into a global powerhouse in K-12 and Higher Education.
  • Samir is a seasoned professional with 31 years of global experience in education, skilling, empowerment, advisory, strategy, consulting, mentoring and coaching. He spent 23 years of his professional life in transforming 600+ small and large Indian and MNC businesses, non-profit and educational institutions, with an on-the-ground implementation experience of 100+ cases. He has been instrumental in fund raiser for several entities, as well.
  • Prior to EKSAQ, Samir worked for 4 years, as leader of a Small and Medium Business (SMB) focused program in India and Egypt, at Wadhwani Foundation, a global philanthropy of $1.5 B AUM.
  • Being a disruptive thought leader with 40+ national and international publications, 50+ speaking engagements and media appearances, Samir is in the process of authoring a book on role of emotions in organisational longevity.
  • Samir has won three public awards that recognise his contribution to the society and has been featured as one of the top 50 Asians in 2022 global edition of ‘50 High-Flyers’
  • Samir is a Master in Consulting, Coaching and Change from INSEAD, France, and is trained in systems psychology. Samir has taken courses in ‘Challenges of Global Poverty’ from MIT and ‘Leading Professional Service Firms’ from HBS.
  • Samir also serves on the boards of a few start-ups in the spaces of sustainability, gender and SMBs.
        • Member of Board of Advisors, WeUnlearn,, a start-up in Gender Equity and Education.

        •  Member of the Board of Advisors, Amplo Global Strategy and Analytics Private Limited,, a start up in Sustainability.

        • Member of Board of Advisors at SME Chamber of India, a top-rated Industry Association in the country.

        • Member of the Board of Advisors, Manush Labs, a start-up in Food, Health.