The NEP 2020 advocates that changes in the curriculum must accompany changes in assessment procedures and mechanisms, with a shift from testing rote memorization to more formative. The Policy calls for an assessment system that is continuous and formative, competency-based, and focuses on learning and the development of higher-order skills.  The CBE implementation and tracking student learning can be enabled through Holistic Progress Card. The HPC introduction in India will be a bold drive to capture qualitative and quantitative school education data.

What is HPC?

HPC is a comprehensive report displaying all essential aspects of student’s holistic growth and development over a specified period of school years. It captures every evidence of assessment and students’ achievement across all subjects in numbers, grades and descriptive indicators and helps in analyzing students’ strengths, interests and special skills

Kovida Ltd. Action Research and HPC Initiatives

Over the past 15 years, Kovida Ltd. has invested in extensive action research in the areas of school readiness and preparation of young pre-primary learners, Formative Assessment activities for developing student competencies and higher-order skills. We have initiated a range of Applied Learning Activities (ALA) stage and subject-wise to develop Core Skills, Subject Domain skills and basic employability skills among students. We have developed Rubric Parameters for the assessment of a large number of activities to ensure transparency, objectivity, reliability and validity of the assessment.  Rubrics will support self, peer, teacher and third-party assessment. 

Our base stack of competencies and range of activities stage and subject-wise, supported by the assessment rubrics, will bring about a paradigm shift in assessment and reporting, A holistic 360 degree multidimensional assessment will be reflected in the HPC, that showcase the strengths and uniqueness of each student.